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Nome: Dave
Data: 2018-12-28
Comentario: Hello Dave here from The Shoutout, I was wondering, seeing that you use Lojas for your business if you knew about that you had a virtual assistant at your disposal and its wages starts at $10- a month? Here is a small list of the things it can do for you: * Turn Cold Leads In To Hot Customers. * Automated Squeal Messages (Great For Return Customers) * Take Appointments And Send out Reminders. * Market Your Products & Services. * Hold Surveys. And much more, go have a look, and I'll promise you, you'll be happy that you did check it out. Go to and click start See you on the other side. Dave The Shout Out +3112134395 Junostraat 6 2516BR, Den Haag Netherlands Skype: The Shout Out Instagram @thesocialshoutout_ Facebook therealshoutout


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